Style One Must Possess

Quote of the Week:
Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” — Edna Woolman Chase
I believe that everyone posses their own style! We look to fashion to help us decide what will help shape our individual style. My personal style involves a lot of dresses, skirts, bright and pastels colors. In defining my style it took some failed attempts until I felt that my wardrobe perfectly represented me! 
So how do you define your style?
  1. Decide what article of clothing you feel most comfortable in. Do you like pants or dresses?
  2. See what style suits your personality; Maybe you are edgy or girly?
  3. Know what is flattering. 
  4. Find a style remodel that expresses your wardrobe desires. Mine is Lauren Conrad!
  5. Remember you have a point of view so should your style. Don’t be afraid to let people know!!
  6. Fashion embellishes the importance of trends… but every trend doesn’t work for every person
  7. LAST- Venture! Take a leap in the style department that you may never do! You may like what the results are!!!
(Thanks to Ethan Holmes for taking my pictures)

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