With You Its Different

Everyone knows the feeling when you buy something and you feel that was money well spent. The feeling is amazing! Well that is how I feel about my maxi skirt from H&M. Best buy of the summer.. (ok one of the best buys of the summer!)
Maxi skirts are the current trend that I have so gladly pertaked in. I mean how can you not!? There are so many pros to the maxi skirt. They are super comfortable being the ultimate pro! There are so many ways to style a maxi. Maxi skirts portrays a level of sophistication both when paired with casual or fancy. The shilloute that a maxi skirt creates an accent on the waist while drawing the eye to flowy-ness of the skirt. It’s a very easy going demeanor, fun and flirty.
I paired my blue maxi with a lace bustier and some sandals. The lace bustier gave my maxi a classy look. Maxi’s are very easy to style due to the fact that the skirt is doing most of the work. For this outfit the skirt is the eye catcher.
Even when this trend dies down. I will be rocking my maxi skirt!
Photo Credit:  For this photoshoot Ethan Holmes and I headed to John Carroll University to utilize the beauty within their campus. Editing all done by Ethan

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