Dare To Be Different

Have you ever felt afaird to wear that poofy dress or wear those tailored pants or maybe wear that glitter top. Feeling that oh I can’t wear this! It’s not the right time of day. Who wants to be daring? Who wants to step outside the ordinary? Who wants to be adventurous? Well today I do! Today I’m stepping out of the my normal. One of the key elements of not doing the normal is feeling confident! You need to feel comfortable!
So today I went against the grain and went with bold red lips. Which I generally stay away from expect for special occassions. And the Smokey eye. I am more into naturally looking make-up. I stick with pink lips and natural color eye shadow.
I want to share my pre makeup routine. So keeping your skin healthy is hard to do when you apply makeup everyday. After I wash my face with the trifecta, I use a brown sugar and olive oil scrub to remove dry skin and moisturize. I do it both in the morning and at night. Also I remove my mascara with coconut oil. I sleep with coconut oil on my lashes and apply it before I put my makeup on!
Today I’m wearing a light blue romper I got when I was in Paris, paired with some black booties. This is summer outfit is bittersweet as we are slowly getting into fall. All in all I will enjoy the weather!
Remember to confident and comfortable when you are stepping out of your comfort zone.

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