Walking In Neon

Once upon a time neon swept the 80s one bright color by one bright color. Fashion has a tendency to repeat itself. So we are currently back to the 80s just we have a classier way of styling neon. Today’s inspiration is neon and how you style it.

One way to style neon is through accessories. Grabbing a neon clutch paired with some neutrals adds a bit of spice to your outfit. Or styling your neon statement necklace and bold bracelets creates a pop of color. 

Another way to add some neon to your wardrobe is through shoes. This a subtle way for a pop of neon in your daily outfit! Shoes make the outfit!! 

But the boldest way to style neon is to wear a neon dress or a neon two piece. Making neon the center of attention is bold and eye catching. But remember that you don’t want to much neon, therefore go for neutral shoes and neutral accessories. 

My way of styling neon is to either do a neon dress styled with some neutral accessories. For example I have this lovely neon yellow dress that when I wear it I wear my grey wedges, with some silver accessories! Keeping the attention on the dress. 

How do you style your neon????   


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