The Fashion Bliss: My Take on Fashion Week Day One

So yesterday was the start of ‘The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!’ I’m super excited to see what Spring 2014 brings to the runway. Although I couldn’t actually attend Fashion Week this go around; I am happy to say that watching the recap on my computer with my tea, pajamas, and messy bun will suffice. Yesterday (Sept. 5th) BCBG Maxi Azaria took the runway among many other designers to enlighten us on which trends

will be sweeping the fashion world. As I watch the catwalk for BCBG, Nicholas K, Marissa Webb, and many more I saw a few trends that caught my attention.

 Photo Credit: Via The Official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
The Plunging Neckline: The plunging neckline reminds me of 40s / 50s film glamour. Hugging the ladylike silhouette. Playing so well off of our curves!    
Tailored Whites: Everyone loves their bold white statement piece. We all have one in our closet whether it is a blazer or jeans.  BCGB swept New York with tailored whites. From tapered trousers to constructed blouses the color white rocked the stage.  
Crop Tops: Not your normal graphic crop top but a more sophisticated version. What I saw were tailored crop tops with a boxy silhouette. Playing well off the high wasted pants.  
Patterns: (Snake Skin, Floral, ): You can never go wrong with print…. Am I right? A little print here and there is deemed necessary. BCBG added a subtle hint of snake skin to some of their runway pieces.  
Sheer Fabric: Flirtatious. Flaunting the peek a boo affect! I love the sex appeal that engulfs sheer fabric. Seeing just a slight slither of skin while still having fabric encompass the body. Not only did sheer fabric create a sex appeal but it brought the elegance to pieces on the runway. Seeing the sheer fabric at the bottom of a skirt and cutouts throughout pants (BCBG) automatically made me think ‘Wow!’
Photo Credit: E News website 
SO we are getting a feel for some of the trends but the most important question remains is how we transform these trends from catwalk to sidewalk???
Catwalk to Sidewalk
 Photo Credit:Via The official Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Top and Bottom 
Transformation 1: Plunging Neckline: A plunging neckline blazer paired with a skinnys’, Mary Janes and clutch creates a casual. I LOVE color so a would buy a pastel colored lilac blazer, dark wash of skinnys, gray Mary Janes, and a taupe oversized envelope clutch!! Can you picture that look??
Transformation 2: Tailored Whites: I see a Short Suit! White Printed tailored shorts paired with a solid colored constructed blouse, some oxfords or strappy sandals, and a messengers bag.  Brings the tailored trend to the sidewalk!
Transformation 3:Crop Tops: Crop tops were a summer fav. Playful with prints and bold with color. They don’t leave us yet. Envision a crop top, this isn’t the summer crop top, this crop top is your favorite color and has a loose fit. Paired with high wasted jeans or shorts flats or pumps, clutch or structured frame. The possibilities are endless. Crop tops have become universally versatile and a wardrobe must.
Transformation 4: Patterns: Patterns seem to never go out of style. On the runway you tend to see the pattern dramatized with makeup, mixing of silhouettes, in combination with other patterns. The truth is patterns aren’t crazy so embrace them. Patterns whether they be a top or a bottom needs to be styled with a solid color. Simple accessories play well off patterns making sure you don’t overdo it. Animal print has its own set of rules. Animal print if done right has its own sex appeal so avoid tight short dresses in leopard. Make sure to have a part of your body covered so if your dress is short try for long sleeves. Print is playful so and is entirely up to the imagination.

Transformation 5: Sheer Fabric: Embrace the sheer cutouts of 2014. The sheer fabric was portrayed through long flowy dresses. When trying to get the sidewalk look for sheer fabric look for maxi’s that have a dark silhouette covered by a sheer fabric. It is an elegant look to this
So this is what Fashion Week has taught me thus far!!

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