Some Days…

But I’m Feeling Lazy….

We all have our lazy days! The days where looking up funny videos and staying in leggings in a hoodie! There are days when I don’t want to go out shop! The process of getting out of the house into the car and to the mall is just unappealing at times. But I love shopping so I just hop on to one of my favorite online stores! Shopping online can be a pain. Deciding whether an item will fit correctly without trying it on creates the biggest sense of buyer remorse. You will constantly debate with your inner self on whether to put that item in your cart! Well let me share my online shopping guide with you and boost your buying confidence. 

I am an avid shopper at Alloy Apparel, based strictly online. SO today I will give a run through of how I shop on their site. But first I am going to give you the general tips of shopping on any online clothing site. 

No Buyer’s Remorse Tips: 
1. Before shopping on any site always check out their size chart. Size charts can be different depending on the store. It is good to check the size chart before you finalize your buy. Here is an example from Alloy Apparel!

The greatest part about alloy’s size chart is that they do provide you with the instructions on how to measure your bust, waist, hips, and etc. 

2. Go in with a budget. Know how much you want to spend. Don’t forget about shipping. Alloy allows free shipping once you go over 75$, of course with a code! 

3. Have a slight idea of what you want. I generally buy outfits. So I get stuff that goes with the items in my cart or the items in my closet! This makes online shopping less stressful! 

These are my basic online shopping tips. I’m on and I’m off quickly. 

I general start with the clearance at Alloy! They have great apparel! After I clean out the clearance I see what deals their new added items are!

Here are some pictures from  

Check out Alloy Apparel! I will make sure to let you guys know when I’m styling one of their lovely items!!! 

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