A Look at Forever 21

In addition to my absolute obsession with H&M, I’m also love Forever 21! In my morning browsing I came across Forever 21’s new lookbooks and yes I fell in love with a couple looks that I am about to rave about!!!! I love mixing my style up, so I am open to find inspiration anywhere. Then twerk that look to my personality! Fashion is just another expression of your personality. Happy Monday!

Bats and Cats Collection 

These looks are very different! Batman meets urban chic. What do you think?

Capsule 2.1 
What does this look remind you of. Sexy Vamp? Dark Hippie? I’m not sure but I love it, especially the black sheer maxi!!!!
SO these are a couple of outfits that have inspired me to go down a new style avenue. Where do you guys find your inspiration? I am going to transform these looks with some items I have in my closet now! Stay tuned to see what I come up?

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