Inspired By The Pins

Good morning! I love my chill morning at the moment! I am just sitting at my kitchen table drinking a dose of caffeine while skimming my Pinterest feed.  I give my accolades to the creator of Pinterest. A lot of my inspirations come from Pinterest. I probably scout for looks 5-10x a day. SO as I have said multiple times before inspiration comes from the craziest places. Although I use Pinterest as a creative gateway to sculpt my outfits, I never actually copy from head to toe. 

I generally take a little from each outfit and combined them by using what I have in my wardrobe. I feel that Pinterest gets the creative juices flowing. Each pin starts a bud then starts to bloom into a great idea.

Sometimes if I find one piece that I LOVE but I may not have anything like it. I start searching for a duplicate on a budget of course! 

My Pinterest feed is just lovely. I love every board and person I follow. 
If you guys are interested in seeing my inspiration please follow me on pinterest JSQcom. 

What do you love about Pinterest? 


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