The Season of the Sparkle

After the spirit of halloween has come and gone, we are graced with the presence of Christmas. Not in the sense of snow, eggnog, and decorations but more in relations to the perfect winter wardrobe! Sweaters, beanies, and Uggs just do not make the cut this winter. Welcome to the Season of the Sparkle!

I have recently become a huge fan of Urban Outfitters. I was looking to add a little more diversity to my style and I went to UO as inspiration. So how does Urban Outfitters relate to the Season of the Sparkle? Well their holiday preview was the spitting image of sparkle.
As I browsed through the holiday preview I am welcomed by shimmer, glitter, sequins, velvet and metallic based fabrics accompanied by blush tones. Needless to say that I am head over heels for this collection.
Not only are the main attractions eye catching but the accessories are very complimentary! Mimicking the same foundations as the clothing, the accessories have their own class of Sparkle!
I am on the fast track to the holly jolly season, picturing myself in some of these lovely pieces for the holiday season!
What’s your opinion on Urban Outfitters? Be sure to check out more of the preview at

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