Simply Ladylike

The skirt has been an essential in women’s wardrobe for centuries, believed to be the second oldest garment. At first the skirt was a class of glamour. Only the highest of the highest could wear them, mainly because the fabric was so extravagant. The skirt throughout history  experience a lot of change. Up until about the 1920s skirts remains to be long and modest. Then came along the flappers who took raised the hemline of skirt a couple of inches or so. 

(A brief history of skirts starting at The Great Depression to 90s) (Photo Credit

The skirt has been revolutionized over the decades. Rising in hemline to portray the micro mini to falling to show the elegance of the maxi skirt. For hundreds of years the long skirt has encompassed the silhouette of women of all ages. 

The current trend that is sweeping the fashion world is the full mid calf skirt. It’s not maxi but not quite tea time. I have a love for skirts and I’m dying to try the new skirt trend. 

Skirts are such an essential expression of fashion. They morph and change as the world changes. They sculpt with the culture of which they are inspired from. 

Thanks for reading. All these photos aren’t mine so I wanted to shutout to all who provided me with pictures thank you. 

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