Vintage Holiday Adventure

I am typing as the snow has just started to fall. Little wispy flakes swirling and twirling throughout the branches. The flakes never actually seems to touch the ground, just mid air rotation. The snowflakes have inspired my post today. A Vintage Inspired Holiday Adventure thanks to the designers at Modcloth and the flakes. As the holidays are fast approaching I wanted to get ideas for my holiday party whirlwind. Getting in the spirit of the holidays requires more than the music, the frantic gift getting, and the food. Parties require a certain dress code. A little sparkle, red, metallic, and a aha piece. The showstopper dress that gets everyone looking. SO I picked three dresses from Modlcoth that spoke to me as Holiday worthy. 

Art School Speech Dress $47.00
In The Chandelier Light Dress 109.99
Queen of The Candy Shop Dress 129.99
I picked two sort of traditional holiday dresses and one nontraditional holiday dress. I do love the nontraditional because it is very eye popping. My favorite is probably number two. I love the detail on this dress, so elegant and vintage beauty. 
Which One is your favorite? 

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