French Made

When I traveled to Paris a couple years ago I was obsessed with people watching. I was in a different country surrounded by different people. They all had a different story and other times I would engage restaurant owners and flea market vendors. I was simply curious! Sometimes I would sit at a cafe and just glance back and forth. I was so intrigued by the way the people dressed. Some looked like they just stepped of the runway while others had their own defined mix of style.   

To get back to the present I recently just read an article in H&M fall catalog. This article activated a sense of nostalgia in me. The article was titled “Chic Mystique” and struck a memory of my favorite trends I saw while in Paris. 

The trend was based on the French Editors. The look is so laid back sophisticated chic. (MY Classification) It looks like it could be extremely easy to pull off but there are rule

Rule 1: 
Keep it Simple

  • The colors are always neutral. So white, black, navy, and gray are the foundations of this look. Beige and Khaki green can also pass for this trend. 
  • The styling is tailored and fitted. Projecting a slight amount of masculinity. 
  • When choosing what to accessorize with go with jewelry that are sexy and sleek.  
Rule 2: 
Look to the boys for Inspiration: 

  • Buying tees from the mens’ section in small is one way to get inspiration. 
Rule 3: 
Mixing low and high
  • The Basics!- Tees and Skinnys 
  • Good Loyal basics can be purchased from anywhere!
  • Mix your basics with modern luxury items. 
Rule 4: 
Make it Look Effortless
  • Don’t try to be too polished and perfect. 
  • Shirt half tucked in. Creating a sense of messiness. 
  • Jackets change the look. Depending on the cut of the jacket you can easily play down or up your look. 
  • Over sized belted trench coat! 

What do you think of this trend??? 

I used Emmanuelle Alt photos because she embodies the French Editor look. 



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