The Cape Crusader

I know what you are thinking. Batman! Right? Well for all my Dark Knight fans, you are out of luck. I am actually referring to the new silhouette that has taken 2013 for a twirl!

After a couple of years of the bodycon trend, fashion has emerged into a more comfortable and covered up look. 
So we welcome The Cape….. 

The trend for larger tailored proportions are becoming more popular. Our generation is realizing the importance of femininity and the power that embodies it. 
We aren’t losing our girly nature by turning to man sized proportions. We are merely finding a classy way to show our femininity while maintaining our sense of pride. The Cape provides a new avenue through pairing sheer, lace, chiffon, and gauzy fabric, in order to project our sleek sophisticated manner. 
So tell me girls! What do you think of the trend that grows off of our sense of femininity!!! 

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