Taking It to the Streets

I want to welcome you to my “Taking it to the Streets” Series. A series where I show the captivated street styles of one city! I will take you through a journey that inspires you to bask in the wonders of another world!! 

The streets can be as inspiring as the runway. Personal style is a way many fashion enthusiast project their personality! Its merely a gateway into one part of their being. So when street style is captured in one snapshot, it truly say a thousand words. 

For my very first edition of “Taking it to the Streets” I thought it would fun to do Chicago. I traveled to Chicago and did the array of tourist things. All Fun! 
So lets Start! I thought I would give a little history of Chicago! Each City has its own history and I think it plays a huge part in understanding what inspires people in Chicago!
(Video Courtesy of BookingHunterTV)
And for the best part! 
Chicago Street Style 
         Photo Credit: 1. Tres Awesome: 2. Dapper Details: 3. Chicago Street Style:
Photo Credit: 1. Dapper Details 2. Style Outlier 3. Refinery 29 
Photo Credit: 1. Tres Awesome 2. Mid Wasteland 3. Tres Awesome
Photo Credit: 1. Refinery 29 2. Chicago Street Style 3. Refinery 21
What do you think of “Taking it to the Streets” Chicago Edition!

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