Streets Of San Francisco

This week I am giving a warm welcome to Dez Offril from The Style Bender! Dez and I have collaborated to give you guys the ultimate San Francisco Street Style experience.

Let start this experience by venturing into what exactly influences the style of San Francisco. I hear the weather is never quite making it up it’s mind. Strong winds, chilly fog, and warm spells… all in one day. This does make it simply complicated when it comes dressing appropriately. I know you are wondering how the San Franciscans tackle this problem…

Well they live by the SF layering philosophy. Which visually states that under your light trench coat there should be a breezy cardigan. That is a rough translation but you get the idea!

On top of the flaky weather the San Franciscans have to deal with the fact that there city was built on hills upon hills. So investing in some comfortable footwear is on top of their shopping list. Along with a comfortable bag because you never know what trench coat may have to fit in their bag… Right…?

To help give you an idea of what exactly San Francisco style is about I am going to let Dez explain. I interviewed Dez and placed the questions in the lovely magazine below! Just click to read and hear from one of San Francisco’s own!

After doing an immense amount of search and browsing. I found SF to be diverse in street style. I saw looks that ranged from hippie to avant garde chic. Leather jackets graced the crowds along with it came a delicate mix of tailored and casual.

I find the street style of San Francisco inspiring! AND I loved being able to learn a little more about the fashion of a different area!!!

Bye San Francisco and Thank you Dez for the lovely SF experience. Stay tune to see what next week brings in Taking it to the Streets!



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