Top Five


We are graced by another Friday! So happy Friday everyone! This week has been a quick one and the holidays are fast approaching. With the New Year comes the launch of my new site! I have been busy with making new friends in the blogging world! I have come across so many blogs and I wanted to share my TOP Five with you guys! 
TOP Five
1. Gozika’s Journal: 
I was so inspired by the color that was emitted through Gozika’s style! Always paired something black! She really portrays elegance in your style!
2. The Daily Savant: 
Just a girl with a limited wardrobe in Germany! The Daily Savant follows the journey of a stylist who never repeats an outfit! I loved the fact that I could easily go through The Daily Savant’s archives and see such a mix of styles! Amazing! 


3. Christina’s Style: 
The first thing that caught my eye about Christina is that she always looked so happy in her photos. That just sifting through her blogroll and seeing her passion was a huge inspiration. I LOVE Christina’s style she is ladylike elegant. There is something classic in the way she approaches her style! 
4. TopCoat: 
Are you looking for a clean simple place to motivated by editorials, campaigns, street style, and more TOPCOAT is the place! Arden has a lovely eye for fashion and I find myself drawn to her blog when I want to be updated on what is going on in the Fashion World! 
5. Where’s My Couture? 
Adleena started Where’s My Couture? as a pet project to educate herself about the fashion world before she ventured into becoming a fashion designer! I found this so genuinely inspiring!  
I love being inspired by others. So thank you lovely bloggers! 

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