The 50s

During my weekend of planning and family time, I took a break and had some time to myself. I can’t emphasize how important it is to just chill especially around the holidays! Lately I have felt so overwhelmed with all the preparation for my new site, starting classes again, and managing time for my boyfriend, family, and myself. 

On Saturday I took some time to pick up a few books from my local library. Beauty by Lauren Conrad, The Lucky Guide: To Mastering Any Style by Kim France and Andrea Linett, and Glamour’s Do’s and Dont’s. All three of the books offered me something a little different and sparked some inspiration. 

This lovely Monday I bring to you an Era that you should take some pointers from… The 50s. 

 The 50s were a time when femininity was at a peak. Bombshells like Marilyn Monroe set out to be role models. Letting women know that although the war had ended there was no rush ti return to being a housewife! The bombshells focused on shape and polish. Using that sex appeal to do exactly what it was meant to do. As Sophia Loren said “Sex appeal is 50 percent of what you’ve got and what you think you’ve got.” I think we could all take a lesson or two from the BOMBSHELLS of the FIFTIES. 

The bombshells created the sense of a need for sex appeal while the Mod trend fulfilled that need. The Mod era was graced by looks that seemingly appeared futuristic. Bold black and white geometric prints accompanied by zippers and metallic accents left the women looking very flirtatious

The 50s are inspiring because to me I felt that this era empowered women. I also find the beauties of this era to be iconic. Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor are a few of the icons that lived past there beauty! Each of these women walked around with confidence that was never faltering! 

So thank you lovelies of the fifties for a decade of inspiration! 


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