In between Mexico and Norway

Today on Taking It To The Streets we have a bit of a double feature. Our special guest is Dharia from Dharia’s Closet. Dharia balances her time in between Mexico and Norway and she is able to experience the different street styles of both areas.
When I think about the fashion of Mexico, I envision bright colors and bold patterns. I create a fantasy the streets of Mexico would filled with laughter, happiness, and individuality.Then I imagined what it would be like if all three of those traits were projected into clothing. Well Mexico’s street style is almost the perfect fit with some other lovely traits.
Since I have never traveled to Mexico and only had my imagination to rely on, Dharia helped me get a feel for the area.
With Mexico being a warm and tropic country, the people are more keen for going out for a night on the town! Dharia explained that Mexicans are loud, cheerful, and friendly. They will always hang out with and get to know you. There is a lot of culture and history in Mexico. I have seen traditional fashion mixed with modern clothing. The designer of Pineda Covalin mixes the bold traditional patterns into to her designs. She creates designs that stay in touch the roots of the country but it also growing with the rest of the world.
For a culture break. Read Dharia’s Interview with to see how her style is influences and what exactly inspires her! Just click on the picture below to get inside her style! - Taking it to the Streets
Now that you know what influences Dharia’s style lets see how her second home deals with fashion.
Norway is just about the complete opposite of Mexico. In Norway the weather is cold, changing the approach of how your dress. Even in the summer the nights can get chill so the style gods of this region practice layering! In Norway modesty is a huge part of their culture and modesty is portrayed in the styling!
European style is an influence in Norway. Many fashionistas keep it simple and modern while attracting the appropriate amount of awe.
Dharia explained Norway to be private. The people enjoy and respect the privacy. To be able to go out on the town you need to be in the wealthier class. The activities are super pricey and calls for a lot of people to find interest in outdoor sports. Norway just as Mexico has its own style rules!
Thank you to Dharia for sharing your style with us!
Love, ‘

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