Happy Friday!

No matter where you are, I know we are all excited for the weekend. My weekend is going to be full of staying warm, movie watching, magazine reading, and you know inside warm activities! SO I hope your weekend is a little more fun than mine!

I thought this weekend would be a good time to revamp my style and try the trends that I am to frantic to try outside of my house. Kind of like a trial run or multiple trial runs. I wanted to share some ideas and tips for the revamp weekend!

One of my style icons is Ashley Madekwe from Ring My Bell. I always find myself stalking her blog for inspiration! Her style is just lovely. So this weekend I will use her as my inspiration to revamp my style!



  • When Saturday and Sunday rolls around use these two days to experiment with your style- Embrace your inner kid by trying on more than one outfit per day!
  • The goals is to go outside of your comfort zone while in the comfort of your home!
  • Look for inspiration of your favorite style icons. Save the picture and try to mimic that outfit to the best of your ability without buying anything new.
  • We all have those shoes that we just love but never knew exactly how to style them. Take them for a spin, they might surprise you!
  • Try out that fancy or casual outfit. You have been wanting to wear it but the occasion never presented itself.
  • Revamp your hairstyle. If you are like me you have the tendency to go for the same hairstyle throughout the week. Well I am daring you to try something new!
  • HAVE FUN: This is meant to inspire you to try something new! SO laugh! And enjoy your revamp weekend!



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