The Streets of Athens, Greece

This week in Taking It To The Streets we are travelling to Athens, Greece. Our beautiful guest this week is Angela Kapiri the author of Hooked By The Look and she gives us a look into Athens. 

Athens, a place that exerts history, beauty, and economic turmoil. Surrounded by blue skies and vibrant blue waters. I have a soft spot for extremely beautiful places especially ones with good food and a lot of history. The women and men dress with such confidence and elegance. I found myself drawn to keep looking at more styles and outfits that the street style gurus manifested. 

Angela is all around girl. She is a singer, a photographer and she has studied to be a biochemical lab assistant as well. Not to mention she has a lovely sense of style. When I interviewed Angela I wanted to know when her style journey first started.

JSQ: When did you have first have interest in fashion?

Angela: I always had some kind of interest in fashion. Above that I always wanted to be well dressed and classy, like since I was a little kid.

To read more of Angela’s Style Journey and her perception of Athens Street Style click below! - Streets of Athens, GreeceWhat do you think of Angela’s style and the street style of Athens, Greece!

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