Just Astray

What happens when things go astray. Well in my world when things start to go astray I try to get them back on track. Rearrange my week, my to do list. But there are weeks that no matter how much rearranging I do. My week is never gets back on track! This is how my week started Wednesday became my Monday and so forth.

So I am back on track after feeling discouraged and behind for days I got back into the swing of things!! Here is my Friday tip: When feeling overwhelmed take a set back. Do something that relives the stress, then think of different plan of action!!!

IMAG2170 IMAG2171 IMAG2172 IMAG2173 IMAG2174

This dress is my go to dress when I need something comfortable and I want to look. The dynmaic duo! I got this dress at Alloy Apparel, it can be styled anyway! Believe me I have tried a million and one ways to style this dress. Ok well not that many times but it has a lot diversity!

Remember when your day, week, month, or so forth gets off track take a step back and make a new plan!

Have a great weekend!



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