Donatella Versace


Donatella the lively, adventurous, diva persona who encompasses the Versace brand. Donatella known for her rebellious nature and non nonchalant attitude turned heads at the mere age 14 when she got suspended for wearing heavy eyeliner to school. She made a splash and continues to turn heads.

Even before she took over the Versace Fashion House in 1995, she was directing the brand. She made sure she challenged her brother in all sense of the word. Creating creative mayhem that led to the brand to try new things. Donatella helped push Versace out of the confinement of fashion, bringing commercial models to the runway and so forth.

Gianni and Donatella were inseparable souls. They had a bond that could only be described as a blinding devotion to brother and sister. Their bond was forged early on in life and grew stronger when Donatella went to Milan to work with Gianni. This is when she became the driving force of Versace. She represented the fun and the life, Donatella was the face of Versace.

In 1998, Donatella makes her solo debut. For years to follow Donatella created collection after collection. She was given many rewards due to her eye for trends and what people want. Donatella is classic fashion icon.

When I think of the blonde diva, I am always awe struck by her a simplistic bad a$* nature. To me she broke barriers at an early age. I still find her to be revolutionary. As I sift through the recent fashion show I am graced with the royal blue, winter whites, draped dresses, and the the lovely sex appeal of Versace. I loved her Atelier Versace collection. It was a great mix in between elegant and dark. I absolutely loved this collection.

The Atelier Collection was such a great mix of structured and draped pieces. This created a contradiction of feelings on the runway. When I saw the switch from the structure tailored suit to the goddess like draped gown, I was moved. It showed Donatella’s diversity in design. The colors that walked down the catwalk were an amazing mix. Donatella sent bold colors such as blue, yellow, orange with pastels such as rose, sky blue, and a soft green. The diversity in those colors were easily balanced out with the blacks and whites.

What do you think of Dontella and her new collection?



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