The Streets Of Sydney

What happens when you combine an actuarial consultant and her love for high fashion? Well you get Cissy Zhang. Cissy’s balance between high fashion and daily style is just stunning. When you visit her blog “I dream of bunnies” each shot is a pure display of beauty. There is so much color and pop in each outfit that it pulls you in. I found myself getting drawn in more and more. I read every post with intrigue to learn exactly how my new friend from Sydney accomplished such elegance.

Sydney Australia a place where beauty is natural. Blue waters are complimented by the clear pure sky. The city that is rich in color, busy, trendy, with unique people, and very fast paced. In the streets of Sydney you can see cut out boots and vintage dresses. It is a lovely mix of venues for photo locations. You can take pictures in the desert or at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sydney provides a great canvas for Cissy Zhang to compliment her high fashion outfits. Each photo shoot for Cissy provides a back story, which is key to her creative process. - Taking It To The Streets We all remember that moment when we got our first interest in a long life passion. Maybe you knew it when you were three years old for Cissy her interest in fashion started around two years ago when she purchased her very first sewing machine. She gained inspiration from the entire fashion world. With that inspiration she drew and experimented with her sewing machine. On top of being an actuarial consultant by day she haunts the night with her high fashion.

Cissy’s high fashion which is so gracefully displayed in her blog is a cause for inspiration. Inspiration comes in all different forms. Cissy’s love for high fashion is fueled by every fashion magazine editorial she reads.  The photos in the editorials are so inspiring for Cissy that she wants to be transported into the photo to see the behind the scenes. Not only does her inspiration come from modern day editorials but Cissy finds inspiration throughout history. Cleopatra luxurious Egyptian prowess to Queen Elizabeth’s renaissance ball gowns to Dolce and Gabbana’s accuracy with their clothing are all examples of how Cissy’s stays inspired.

When you visit “I dream of bunnies” you are transported to the mind of Cissy Zhang. The mind of high fashion elegance and where photos are key to everything. While browsing you may come across her bunny, the inspiration behind her blog.

As I was writing this article I awestruck by how inspired I felt. I truly love the color, high fashion, and determination that Cissy put into “I dream of bunnies.” I am ecstatic to say click on her magazine or blog for more breathtaking photos.

Let Cissy and I know what you think of her fashion!



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