Staying True


Happy Monday! I know Mondays’ can be considered the doom day of the week! The start of the week, the past weekend adventures put behind you. I think Monday’s signify a new beginning to write a new story or add to an existing story. Monday means you are able to put that bad week behind you or continue with the great streak you are having.


As usual I like to start off the week with a mantra. This week’s mantra is “Staying true to who you are and where you are in your life.”

It is easy to get wrapped up on where you are supposed to be in life. At this age you are supposed to be at this stage. I don’t believe that at all. I believe everyone experiences different stages at different points of their lives. There is no rule book that states at this age you will overcome this problem or you are meant to be doing this (insert action) at the age of 20.



There is a preconceived notation that age and life lessons are associated with each other. Well I am here to debunk that notation. Some life lessons come later or earlier than your best friends. Love where you are in life. No matter if you are ahead of the curve or slightly behind. In the end you are staying true to you and that is key!


Love where you are and stay true to you! Always stay positive because no matter when or how you will accomplish all your dreams and goals! So make this a good week!



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