I believe that everything happens for a reason. Life lessons, intervention, making/ losing friends, love and so forth. Everything that happens in your life is to teach you some valuable lesson. Whether you know it at the moment or it surprises you later in life. You may learn something from your 8th grade friend or you may continuous learn from your current love. Lessons are all around us. Believe it or not your parents lessons will be a constant “I told you so.” We all experience so many things and think “Ah well my parents were right.” There is no need to tell them they were right because they secretly know it.



Being the mere age of 20 I have learned that hope has more meaning than anyone gives it credit for. Hope to me means keeping  positive in times where it is hard. I always tell people that although your day, week, or even year has sucked that the storm will always pass. Through the storm you want to be able to say that no matter what I kept hope and I saw the sun through the darkness. Remaining hopeful when says that you are strong and there is no obstacle that you can’t overcome.



I can assure you that no matter what you may experience that happiness always awaits for you. So stay positive!!! No matter what! Happy Tuesday!



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