Streets of Salt Lake City

Continuing the mantra of staying true to who you are today our lovely guest is Lexie Dopp. Lexie is the author of LexieFaith a blog that documents her style adventures on a daily basis. Lexie has stayed true to herself by deciding to further her love for style and fashion into a career. I know you are just as curious as me to see how her journey into a stylish young lady started.

Since Lexie was a toddler she had a love for fashion, a love for being different, and a love for clothes. She strutted around the house in her mom’s high heels shoes to then in the halls of her elementary school in a cheetah print track suit. Always open to try new things and set trends. With a continuous supply of Instyle magazine and Vogue to inspire her on a monthly basis Lexie’s style always has a new perspective that keeps all her readers coming back! In a way Lexie has always had a blog. At a young age her parents let her have a personal blog that her friends and family would read. After venturing into beauty blogging she came across “OH MY VOGUE,” Pink Peonies, and “This Chick’s Got Style.” After reading those three fashion blogs she was hooked and started her fashion blogging journey.

Lexie lives just north of Salt Lake City a mountainous, diverse, modern, religious and very seasonal oriented place. Inspiration is found in the nook and crannies of the surrounding city streets, where sometimes Lexie loves to shoot with she isn’t in the comfort of her home. Staying inspired in Utah is slightly tough; it isn’t a place where fashion is a key staple. Well Lexie has found icons that keep her inspired. She is inspired by fashion icons such as Coco Chanel, Rachel Parcell, and Blake Lively. Just like any fashionista Lexie feels the most inspired staring at clothes in her closet. For Lexie her closet is a symbol of confidence and all her achievements. Click below to see more of her style!

Lexie’s advice for you as that you can never have too many shoes (I agree), NEVER go by the rules (they were meant to be broken), and black is always good.

What I learned from Lexie is that no matter what your passion is embrace it. She is a highly ambitious, stylish, fun, and all around person!

Let Lexie and I know what you think of her style and her style journey.


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