Russian Beauty

“Always try not to be in, but to be stylish. Fashion is a part of our life, if you know how to use it you will always be be on top. Try to be the best!” These are the words of the Russian multi-talented student stylist Darya! When Darya got into fashion in high school she was using it as gateway to show off. Fashion to her was an outlet that soon turned into an addiction. Darya is the author of the DaryaYa and is our special guest on this week’s Taking it to the Streets.

Darya lives in the vibrant city of St. Petersburg where there is an array of very stylish people. Just like any other country Russia follows the trends of the season. Staying current but always adding their own twist to the trend. Since Russia is a cold country where the weather bounce between rain and snow Darya’s closet is a mix of colors, patterns, and warm clothing. She finds herself always buying the newest winter items to stay warm but stylish in St Petersburg. St. Petersburg has many locations for photos, Darya prefers to mix up the photo location and be in the beauty of nature. Just like her clothes staying the same is just boring! Don’t be shy just click on Darya’s magazine to see more of her style! - TAKING IT TO THE STREETS RUSSIA EDITION

For Darya staying inspired usually involves being in places where there are many interesting, open minded, stylish people. On the contrary confusing and extreme conditions inspires the energy that we see in her outfits. As we know inspiration is found in everywhere. Seeing the streetstyle of different countries during her travels keeps Darya inspired. Darya is always on the lookout for inspiration from the catwalk, to movies and actresses, to the friends around her. Darya’s unique style includes bold color, vibrant patterns, and a Darya hint to every outfit. When I looked at outfit after outfit I found that Darya pairs some of her most colorful looks with nude make up. This accentuates the outfit, drawing all the attention toward her amazing styling skills. Continuing the routine of mixing up her looks Darya believes that no one should really every stick to just one style. To live outside the confinement of the fashion laws is exhilarating and it makes your style uniquely you.

With JanaeSaisQuoi’s theme of inner beauty I asked Darya what inner beauty is to her! Her answer was amazing! The inner beauty is the most important thing a person can have. I think it is better when you are both beautiful on the inside and out. I agree with Darya and I believe that she is both beautiful on the inside and out!

Let us know what you think of Darya’s style!

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