The Evolution of the Dress

40 years ago DVF designed the wrap dress that started her evolution of the dress. The wrap dress has been worn by millions of women and represents a symbol of freedom, empowerment, and confidence according to DVF! Late last year DVF was joined by many dress enthusiast to celebrate the Evolution of the Dress in DVF new exhibit!

The wrap dress was first sold in the 70’s and has appeared in many big screen productions including, the most recent, American Hustle. The evolution of the dress has had a simplistic purpose since DVF wrote on her first ad. “Feel like a women, wear a dress” I agree with this lovely statement. Whenever I put on a dress there is a certain feeling that overwhelms me. I feel extremely confident! I feel that when you wear a wrap dress there is sexiness and level of elegance that encompasses you!

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This week during Fashion Week, DVF celebrates the 40 year anniversary of the wrap dress on the runway! At the mere of age of 28, DVF took the fashion world by storm and she is still kicking. The wrap dress is still an iconic wardrobe essential and that is thanks to DVF!

What do you think of DVF fashion show and Evolution of the dress?



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