London Fashion Week Felder Felder Recap

As much I would love to have kept up with London Fashion week from day 1, I got sick and spent the last couple of days in bed with an array of magazines and lots of tea! Today I am going to recap London Fashion week by posting 3-5 designers everyday this week! So I may be late but I hope you guys enjoy.


In 2007, Annette and Daniela Felder launched their line! These twin sisters have a feel for the opposites and love the contradictions that each of their collections have. Each collection that Annette and Daniela have sent down London Fashion Week has a balance of just enough chaos to get awe from all the front rowers. Their bold, modern, feminine rock and roll vibe has attracted a celebrity fan base and a following of women who love to feel powerful with that feminine touch!

Their collection that walked down the catwalk on Friday 14th, was such a lovely site to see. The mix of textures and colors was just AMAZING! There is a lovely transition from Olive green to burgundy, to white and gold. All Felder.Felder’s leather pieces made me want to wear them right now! I am just blown away!!!

What is your favorite from this collection. I’m still trying to decide! I love so many of them!



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