The Empowerment of Joan Smalls

I was recently catching up on some Elle. I am seriously behind! I enjoy to read at a pace in which I will value what I’m reading. This Elle magazine had Joan Smalls on the cover. She looked so incredibly fierce and confident. As I stared at Joan, I began to wonder when strangers see me what do they think? Do I mirror my confidence and empowerment on the outside. What is the first impression people get when I say hi or simply walk past?  Have you ever had this thought? Or amI simply over complicating a small question.

After pondering with Joan Smalls cover photo, I jumped to her cover story. I was curious to know whether the confidence that screamed on the cover was facade or was it simply Joan.

As I dive into the story I’m graced by Joan’s towering elegance that is so well described. Her looks are complimentary to her intelligence. When Joan entered the modeling world she was smart about every move she made! I wasn’t only taken aback by her beauty, ability to transform, and intelligence but also her view on the fashion industry. Joan talks about the lack of acceptance of diversity in the industry. Although many want to preach diversity in fashion that isn’t necessarily true. I found Joan’s stance and opinion so empowering!


On the runways we see highly saturated population of Caucasian, skinny, models. All of these models are very beautiful! I would love to see more diversity such a Joan Smalls and Chanel Iman. Even though the fashion/model industry is saturated in one area, I still watch every runway shows. I like to look past the color of the model and think more of what is their story, how did they get here, and where did their dream come from. I want to know what empowered these models to want to walk for some of the biggest names in fashion.

When I read about Joan I felt as if I knew her. Joan is a symbol of empowerment. Self made supermodel who stays true to herself and what she believes. Joan has become my symbol of empowerment. So this week I’m going to focus on EMPOWERMENT!


Empowerment to me is using your inner confidence and skills to bring out the best version of yourself. I believe empowerment also is a tool used by you to help others feel confident. Is empowerment to uplift others! I want to empower all of you to go for your dreams and step outside your comfort zone. So here is my challenge. From now on, STARTING TODAY, do one activity that is related to a long time dream of your or in relation to stepping out of your comfort zone.

I want to know what EMPOWERMENT means to you? Let me know how you plan to make the step towards your dreams! I want to know what did you do this week that was out of your comfort zone!

Happy Monday! Let’s make this a great week!



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