Empowering Through the Ages


One day last week I was sitting on the couch, my mom walked up to me and handed me two books. One book was Vogue Fashion and the other was a Guide To Surviving Your Twenties. I have merely just hit the twenty mark. I haven’t even made halfway through my first year of my twenties. So this got me thinking.. If at the fourth month into my twentieth year I have been given a cheat sheet, I am seriously failing already. I was confused…



As I reminisce on 2013 there were many tough moments. 2013 was a test of what I can go through and come out learning from past mistakes, obstacles, and just life in general. So although my mom gave me a survivors guide to my 20s, I feel that are a lot of lessons or at least relatable topics in this book,


I find age to be empowering. I believe that with age comes life lessons. Through the decades we ask ourselves what are the most valuable lesson of a particular decade! Since I have only lived 2 decades my life lessons are limited to the awkward pre teen years, high school ups and down, college life, career paths, friends, and navigating the dating pool. I think we can learn and be empowered through the decades. Each decade provides a life lesson or an internal battle that you have learned to navigate! Learning from these battles and sharing with other people is empowering. Not only does your story inspire but empowers women to stay strong and know that they will get through this!


No matter if you are having some doubts about a career or troubles with your stubborn boyfriend. (lol personal matter), just remember that there are people who have been through this things. Life is full of lessons so embrace them because that is the most empowering thing. To embrace mistakes, lessons, and life!


So what is your decade life lesson? Share with me and my readers!


Happy Hump Day!!!



3 thoughts on “Empowering Through the Ages

  1. Great post! I don’t think there exists any cheat sheet for life, or even if there is, there are just some things we need to figure out ourselves. I learned that time is very precious and that it tends to get rarer :/

    • Naomi I agree the time is the most precious thing we have to give to the world! If there was a cheat sheet for life I would love to get my hands on it. But I know life is journey filled with lessons and I love embracing it!!!!!

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