The Sunshine Streets

Happy Thursday! As usual we have a special guest article featuring Airie Lomsak from the sunshine state. I am more than happy to welcome some warmness to Janae-Sais-Quoi, even it’s only through lovely pictures.

When I think of Florida I am automatically engulfed in thoughts of beaches, palm trees, and the warmth of the sun. Airie describes her home town as on the verge of sorry, late, honest, real, and hipster.

“A lot of the people in my area (township) dress preppy which is not my style. There is also trendy of dressing “trendy”. Just wearing outfits that have been deemed trendy and then put together by someone else and you buy it off the rack. I really don’t know what to call that, but it happens a lot out here.”

“I feel like a lot of people in my area rely on the mall to dictate what will be fashionable for the upcoming seasons. I love that Target does these collaborations because it shakes things up in the burbs. I think that people are longing for change, but don’t know exactly how to execute it. That’s why I love street style and the internets fashion community. Its very raw and honest.”

“I started a YouTube in 2011 channel and I noticed that a lot of YouTuber’s had fashion blogs also. I initially started my blog in 2011 and made a few posts and that was about it. In 2012 I realized people were actually reading those few posts that I made the previous year and I decided to give fashion blogging a real shot.” - Airie Lomsak

Airie is influenced by the fashion across the globe. She stays update on fashion trends. Media is a huge influence in Airie’s style. Since she lives in Florida, weather is a huge influence on her daily outfits!

With this all in mind I bet you all are curious as to why Airie started a fashion blog to document her very amazing. Airie was in the 8th grade when her brother brought home the movie “Clueless.” I loved the fact that ‘”Clueless” was the root of Airie’s desire to get into fashion. “Clueless” is an iconic fashion movie just as we all inspired a little by Carrie Bradshaw. Fashion is not only Airie’s talent. Besides having an expansive expressive shoe collection, she vlogs about natural hair, fashion, and food. Basically Airie embodies my mantra of love what you do!

Besides being influenced by the fashion around the globe. Airie is inspired by comfort and vibrant colors which is displayed in all of her outfits. The vibrant nature of people and their passions are a huge inspiration for Airie. To have the atmosphere around you play huge part in inspiring you is such a personal experience. As people we experience things we channel it a different way! So our style is unique to us. With Airie’s style I see a lot of class, chicness, and great styling techniques! The colors contrast, pattern mixing, and the delicate mixture of hard and soft.

“My style is inspired by all the amazing bloggers that I have followed and even some that I have gotten to know personally. Style is so personal and its great to see that people with all kinds of styles can find a place to fit in and be appreciated. Where I live, not many people are into fashion so I have always stood out like a sore thumb lol. I love being a part of a community where I can learn and be encouraged by my peers. I learn a lot about different ways to style outfits and to think outside of the box instead of wearing something that is just “safe”. Having a platform like that is truly inspiring.” 

What do you think of Airie’s style!



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