Chuck Chucks Review


Jewelry is essential part of completing any look. A simple necklace is my go to piece for that delicate final touch. Even though I LOVE necklaces, I have found a new jewelry favorite. In the picture you see above, I have been given the honor to wear and review this bracelet.


Here is a little history about the brand Chuck Chucks. Chuck Chucks are built on the model that the world is always changing. Your mood, fashion, lifestyle, and expressions change on a regular basis. So why not have jewelry collection that changes with you?  With Chuck Chucks you are given that creative freedom to express your changing lifestyle. Chuck Chucks is an inter changeable bracelet. You have 3 chucks which snap on to your leather band (which comes in a variety of color). With these 3 chucks, and many many more options to add to your collection, the choice is up to you.


What I think of the Chuck Chucks. I love the idea of having one key piece of jewelry that gives you creative freedom. With Chuck Chucks I was able to pair it with a casual look and a business chic look. The verstaility is something I find truly pleasing to have. I have 6 chucks in total and one is a watch. The watch is actually my favorite chuck because I believe that I watch automatically adds class to any outfit. With a watch being a staple item in my wardrobe I am happy that I can add a different touch to it depending on how I feel. I found that I have to stack other bracelets with this one. Only because my wrist is so tiny and the bracelet looks bulky otherwise. That is the only problem I found with this piece of jewelry.


I let my sisters borrow the chuck chucks. Each one of them set up the bracelet differently and each of their outfits were different. From what I saw they all were able to add their own personality to the bracelet, that then projected in their overall outfit. I asked them what they thought of the Chuck Chucks and all three of them loved the idea and the six chucks I was given. They can’t wait to borrow them again!

The team behind the Chuck Chucks and I have a special offer for you, my lovely readers!

With the special code of janaeb1 you are able to get 50% off your purchase from!

Let me know if you purchased a Chuck Chucks bracelet! Tag me instagram @janaebryson_ or leave a link in the comment! We can’t wait to hear about what YOU think of the Chuck Chucks!

To see the outfits post that include the Chuck Chucks bracelet go to



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