Casual Friday!


So this week has just flew by. Usually I feel like Friday takes forever to grace us with it’s presence! Maybe time whipped by me because there wan not a day this week that I was not busy! I was here and there. Shooting special lifestyle post for you guys. I went to all these lovely places this week. Even today I’m shooting to show you, my lovely readers, some of my hometown glory.


As I said in March Madness, my Monday post, that spring has a certain feeling of productivity that is bestowed upon you. Automatically when I feel great weather I am out and about! Since this was the first peak of Spring, I jumped on it before it started to snow again. Ok enough about Spring and it’s awesomeness!


With my outfit posts I try to provide a variety of looks that showcase my style. Just as everyone knows your style is a mix of your personality projected through your clothing. Since to today is FRIDAY I wanted to showcase a casual friday look. Something that easily depicted my mood. My mood is comfy, laid back, but happy. SO I had to add bright pops of color to show my happiness! I traded my heels for a pair of flats because I am running around today. I hope you guys enjoy this look.


Happy FRIDAY! Hope everyone has a great weekend. See you in my next post!




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