Weekend Memories


Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had an AMAZING weekend! 


My weekend was so busy! I love the weekends, I feel that signify a break after a well accomplished week. You can lounge around in leggings and sweatshirt while having your hair in a top knot, with no worries. I usually stay busy during the week and chill on the weekends! Saturday and Sunday are considered personal days to me but instead I was in and out of my house all weekend. I spent Friday all day with the boy. We walked around the local college, ate ice cream, made a junk food run, and switched in between American Hustle and Wolf on Wall Street. We did all this before we went to dinner in one of the artsy locations of my area. (You guys will get the scoop of this adventure in a different post) Ethan and I had a great time on Friday. 


On Saturday I did a photo shoot for the beginning of the morning and then I went out with a friend. Which was well needed. You know when you are craving to tell your friend every crazy piece of drama that has happened for like the past couple weeks? Well that was me and my best friend for hours. We went to this restaurant. Yours Truly and ordered the most addictive fries, as this is our ritual. These fries are heaven, they are topped with cheese and bacon with a side of sour cream! Yes I got the biggest stomach ache but it totally worth it. Saturday was a well needed girls night!!!


When Sunday came around, I was tired but my busy agenda was not yet finished. I went to a casting call for a pilot that will depict the struggle of African American hair. I got tell my hair journey and the struggle to get healthy hair. I have never ever been to a casting call! It was so interesting. Speaking in front of a camera came so naturally to me. I could of done it for hours. I mean as long as the topic was something I was well versed in and passionate about. So after the casting call I went to this lovely authentic Italian restaurant. I love Italian food, one of my favorites. This restaurant was located in Little Italy on the corner of a street. It look so inviting that we thought we would give it a try. I did the whole ordeal with appetizers, a main course, and free dessert on the house. Everything tasted so amazingly yummy. For my main course I had lobster ravioli in a calamari sauce. It took my taste buds to heaven and even though I was full halfway through my meal I finished it. Very very soon I was embracing the food coma.



My week and weekend were AMAZING and very very busy. I loved every adventure that this week has brought me! Every person that I got to spend time with and every new experience that I had the honor to embrace this week keeps me inspired and thankful!



I hope this will be a successful week to all.




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