Yesterday I started thinking about life. All the obstacles, people, and experiences that I have  embraced in my mere 20 years of life. Although not every part of my life is all happiness, I am thankful for the people I got to meet along the way. In one way or another those people have inspired. I am happy for all the adventures that I have been able to embrace. Along with all the new experiences that awaited me with open arms.  Life is a series of life lessons and experiences and I live to embrace it all. I am grateful for all the people I have got to meet, all the adventures I have taken, all the life lessons that have graced me with knowledge, and I want to embrace the future.


My dander into life made me think about some of my most cherished moments. I thought I would share one or two with you guys. One of my most cherished moments is the day my adoption was finalized. I do no if I could explain in words the joy that had overtaken my emotions. Although this was a simple day in court, My family and I all were dressed up and we had a photographer capture the special moments. The judge ask me if I wanted to be adoptive there wasn’t a doubt in my mind, even only being 13, I knew that this was my family. After all the talking I was able to bang the gavel that symbolized that my siblings and I were finally officially part of the Bryson clan. Being adopted means a lot to me not only because I have an AMAZING family but because I have been given opportunities that will be with me for a lifetime. Also I have been given a second chance to live the dreams I want and not be confined by my circumstances. I cherish this memory for many many reasons. But I really hold this memory close to heart because I got a home and a family that means the world to me.



Another cherish memory of mine is my trip to Europe. My mom and I took a month trip to Europe to celebrate my GRADUATION from high school. I know what you are thinking why the celebration? Well we celebrated not because it was a miracle that I graduated but because it was gateway into semi-adulthood. I loved every single moment of this trip. Even the little arguments with my mom and the search for lodging in a foreign country. My trip to Brussels, Bruges, Paris, and Ireland let me meet a lot of people, embrace different culture, embrace new experiences, and learn some key points of life. I learned that you shouldn’t drink with the Irish. They all have been drinking since they were like 16 and it’s hard to keep up without regretting it in the morning. I learned that if you get lost in Burges and you are with Irish native go to all the Irish PUBS and ask for directions. Otherwise you have creepy people trying to give you direction after you have a beer or two. One of my favorite lessons is that I can’t teach a foreigner how to dance like a black person in one night. Apparently this requires some serious dedication. This trip kindled my love for Paris and my desire to travel. I love meeting new people, learning about their culture, and of course embracing new experiences.! My trip to Europe will forever be close to my heart and I am extremely grateful for every wonderful person I came across!



I have many more memories I could share with you that are close to my heart but that would go on for days. Here is my advice look back and cherish those memories. Keep them close because they are a huge part of who you are!


Happy Tuesday Everyone! Hope you feel inspired by my memories.



4 thoughts on “Embrace

  1. OMG… you almost made me cry. I had no idea you were adopted and I think it is one of the most beautiful things some human can do for another. In Mexico it is not well seen (I don’t even understand why), but when I lived in Cancun, where the most of the tourists are American, and one thing I came to admire a lot about them is how many adopted kids were with them. Isn’t it great that some persons are willing to give the chance to have a nice life to a kid of any age? I would love to adopt one day! Your parents must be awesome and maybe that’s one of the reasons why I like you so much. Hugs to you all.

    • Hi Dharia!
      I was adopted along with my 3 biological siblings. With us 4 my parents have 3 biological children of their own! SO I have a huge family and AMAZING parents. I don’t understand why you don’t see a lot of adoption in Mexico, unless the kids who are adopted are moved to the US. And maybe there aren’t a lot of vacationing adoptive families there. Nevertheless, it is truly heartwarming to see people with adopted kids. I agree that it is great to see someone giving a child/ children of different ages a second chance at an successful life. I think of it as a second chance to do something really fantastic. I want to adopt as well! Just a way of continuing the happiness that I feel to another human being! When you do adopt keep me updated. Your child will be lucky to have a mom like you! Thank you Dharia!!!!

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