College on my Mind


This week somehow I got into thinking of memories. Not in the way of regret but in the way of happiness. Just thinking about all the adventures and people I have met! Every experience sculpts us as a person! I decided to look back and see some of those life changing moments!


To further my journey down memory lane, I thought I would share some of my best memories from my first year of college. College to me was just as anyone high school senior hoped for. It was adventurous, fun, spontaneous, and more. I enlisted the help of some of my friends to comply a list of some of our most memorable memories. I hope you can get a laugh of these and relate to memories with your friends! Ok here I go!?


Early College Memories;

As college progresses so does your experiences. Some of my most memorable early college memories were late night runs to Steak and Shake. After midnight my friends and I would all pile in the car and head for shakes, burgers, and fries. I know sounds like an old school diner. Sometimes we would study and other times we would just mess around and laugh the entire night. Then I would go back to room and have to wake up for a 8;30 chemistry class or my 5;30 am practice.

Another one of my favorite early college memories is when a group of friends went out for my best friends birthday. I mean I had no idea that we would become such great friends but now we are. Back to the point, we all got dressed up and went out for Chinese food. We celebrated her 18th birthday, she is the baby of the group. This memory is so important to me because it shows just how simple friendships can be built. Lexi and I still hang out although she goes to a different college and I am in limbo at the moment. Not only that day did I build my friendship with Lexi but also my friendship with my friend Maggie. We all were inseparable and did everything together.


Party Memories:

Yes yes as you could of easily guessed I partied in college. Not at all hardcore all the time but just because it was fun to do and socializing with extremely drunk people was on my bucket list. My favorite party memories involve my friend Ben. He would throw these big huge parties that we all always had a blast at. I think the aftermath of the parties were the best. The aftermath was kind of like a parameter for just how awesome the party really was. Right until reality set in and we had to do some serious cleaning. Ben was a great host, he just wanted everyone to have a great time and we did. I went to many many parties.

My favorite party was THE UGLY CHRISTMAS SWEATER party. This was my first party back to school after. The trio, Maggie, Lexi, and I all got ready ready together, took way too many photos, and headed down to the baseball house for the party. At this party I met ‘boy’ and yes as you imagined he gamed me, which isn’t easy to do. But nevertheless he got my number and that is the memory that symbolizes that night as a whole. This party initiated a amazing trail of memories!


Awkward Memories:

College had its fair share of Awkward Moments. Many that I am not going to divulge just because I prefer to leave that between the involved parties, I do want to share some awkward moments so we can all get a good laugh. Ok, so one night Maggie, Ben, a few other people, and I were hanging out. Harmless stuff of course. Around 2:00 am someone pulled the fire alarm, yup 2 am… fire alarm blaring. The entire building was evacuated and we were standing out there for a very long time. All of sudden I have the undying urge to urinate. I am consumed by the thought of my bladder exploding. I turn to Maggie and I say “I really need to go to the bathroom… Like really bad” She said “Me too!” We start to search for an open building, let me remind you that it is 2 am, checked the athletic center. Every possible door we could and yes we failed to get into this building. I am slowly descending into doomed territory. I can barely move because every movement brings me closer to exploding. Finally Maggie and I are like “F*$K it” we find a spot outside and we pee. Super duper relived we head back to everyone and wait to get into the building. We laugh about this all the time, I think this experience brought us closer as friends.

Another awkward moment is on my first date with the ‘boy,’ after we had dinner and all, we headed back to my room. We had planned to go to a basketball game after dinner so we still had time. Let me set the tone, for everyone at the college we were headed to finals. Back to the story. He sat on my bed and I set at my desk. I started working on my human trafficking final paper for my slavery class. I had all my stats and research laid out on my desk, so I started adding to my paper, calculating stats, and all these scholarly stuff. So here he is sitting on my bed, bored out of his mind. He starts to say hey we can just meet up for the basketball later. I’m like NO! There was 15 minutes till the basketball game started, so I didn’t see the point. Yes on our first date he watched me write a paper for about a half an hour. I look back at this because if I wouldn’t said no stay who knows what could have happened. 


Fun Memories.

I have a million fun college memories. Last night when I was making a list of memories majority of the list was really fun and heartfelt memories. Made me so happy to think back on them.

My fun memories include cheerleading, snowball fights, movie nights, study dates, and so much more! One Sunday Ben, Maria, her boyfriend, and I came back to my house for brunch! You all know I have a huge family so this was such an interesting experience! I try not to bestow my family as a whole on my friends. I have to ease them into the folds. With these three I just threw the into the lion’s den. I loved this brunch because to me friends are just like family and if they can fit into your family that makes them even better.

Another memory is the week I found out that I cannot watch a TV series with the ‘boy.’ We started Prison Break together and everyday after class we watch an episode or 5. My class schedule was jam packed so he would go ahead without me. One day I come in from class and Ethan is on the season finale of Prison Break. I am like wait what even happened. I’m asking all these questioned. Totally in awe because he went ahead without me like on a serious note. We came to the conclusion that we don’t watch TV series together.


I have went down memory lane to full extent. Writing this post was so awesome to just remember how funny my college experience was. So many crazy emotions going through my mind. What was your favorite school experience!!!



2 thoughts on “College on my Mind

  1. Super funny and cute memories. And although I had a lot of fun in college too, I was thinking about writing some memories of “close encounters with wild animals of the third kind”, since I have a weird karma for interacting with animals, specially wild ones… I’ll think about it. You are defo inspiration.

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