Looking Ahead


Yes my dear friends IT IS FRIDAY! I am excited for the weekend! My excitement for the weekend is rooted from the origin that the weekend automatically means relaxation time! Right so I just love the weekend.


This week I have taken the time to right about some memories. A trip down memory lane always make me happy to see how far I have come. Today I want to write about what I want to accomplish in the future. What my goals are in life. What does my personal finish line look like. As important as it is to see how you got where you are. It is also important to remember where you are going! My life plan is subject to change because life is life but I do a few things that are set and stoned!


SO one of my first goals is to be an entrepreneur! I want to work for myself and work towards my dreams. Being an entrepreneur is the basis of everything I want to accomplish!

IMAG3162My first entrepreneurial endeavor is to start my own magazine. Writing these articles everyday has sparked a passion inside of me. I love providing my readers with a good read that has a lot of personality behind it. I read magazines everyday. Some of these magazines I am like ‘eh’ while others I can’t get enough of. Elle magazine is my life line! Elle has a lot of meaning and personality behind every edition that has every been published. I use Elle as my inspiration for the magazine I want to start and writing articles on here for you guys. I guess as a whole I want my future magazine to inspire all those young fashion lovers out there. I am passionate about creating a fashion magazine that has mission of staying true to our audience through inspirational material.


Have you ever went to the store and tried on like a million and one pairs of jeans? But none fit you properly. I swear this is the bane of my style existence. When I try on my potential jeans they are too big in the waist and a perfect fit every where else. SO I go down a size, trying to beat the jean system, but then my jeans constrict any possible movement. YES the tedious, slightly annoying, and non rewarding struggle of jean shopping. What I found to be the issue is that jeans are design is such a general classification. One size/cut does not fit all. My goal is to design a line that fits the woman’s body. A fit that is snug and flattering. I want to design a denim line that appeals to the proportion of a woman’s body. Yes we have hips, yes our waist is smaller than our hips, and yes we do need a denim line that appeals to our figure. I am super passionate about this one because I like jeans but I never get the chance to wear them because I haven’t found the best fit. I am going to solve this problem!

IMAG3208I also plan to be a big influence in the arts program for aspiring kids. I love helping people but I really love helping kids follow their dreams! I haven’t decided exactly how I am going to do this whether its starting a program or helping with an already existing program but I know I am going to do it. Details aside!

IMAG3154I am always saying how I love to travel! This is so true different places and people inspire me. I love embracing the culture of different cities. It’s so overwhelming and I just LOVE it!!!! Any future job that I have will allow me to have the freedom to embrace the world! Once you get a taste of a different culture it is so hard not to want more of it!

IMAG3199I have a lot planned for my future! I can’t divulge all of my life plans, I want the element of surprise on my side. I also want to know what are some of your future plans? Is there something you are passionate about? Please share them with me!!  Happy Friday everyone! Have an AMAZING weekend!



2 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” – Chanel Coco

    You are both! I love this and you!

    Keep being awesome

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