100 Articles Later….


Happy Monday!!!! Yes it is Monday but today is a great day! Today is benchmark for JanaeSaisQuoi. Today marks the 100th article for JSQ.com! Yes I have typed 100 articles for you guys! Learning as the number progressed slowly but surely but I made it! I am so happy to make it to this mile marker because this symbolizes my tenacity to keep typing, creating, shooting, editing, and inspiring through JSQ. Since this journey started in June 2013 we have made some incredible progress.


My first ever post was a hello post! Introducing myself to my non existent audience. I shared what to expect through my style, how my style was girly and how I just loved wearing skirts! As I look back at how JSQ’s mission I see how much it has changed from that very first post. When I started blogging I wanted to provide my audience with tips in fashion, beauty, health, DIY, and various forms of inspiration. I was looking to reach so many people that I went with such a broad generalization. After creating a posting schedule and getting into the swing of things, I realized that I really wanted to inspire people through my personal style. I started rearranging my articles including my personal style at least twice a week, I still felt like I wasn’t staying true to exactly what I wanted to do. I was having an internal battle of whether or not to continue blogging or calling it quits.


I had a discussion with the boy about my battle with blogging. I felt that if I couldn’t do exactly what I wanted to do that there was no point. I wanted to inspire people through my personal style on a daily basis. He kept motivating to keep going and assured me that I will soon get to that point, it just takes patience. I laughed at that a little, the boy was right, although he had no patience:). Taking his advice I sat down at my kitchen table night after night brainstorming, changing, creating, researching, reading, and some seriously intense note taking. Eventually all that note taking paid off, I was taking style snaps every day and posting regularly my style. There of course was some fine tuning for the fine details but I had finally got my foundation sound and it felt SOOOOO GOOD!!!


I had the support of the boy to get me through every doubt that I hit along the road. Ethan helped me with technical issues, social media problems, site change, site design, malfunctions, and he was in charge of break down control. When Jan. 2014 came along I finally got to launch JanaeSaisQuoi.com that embodied my vision, from the design to the words in the articles. Every breakdown and obstacle was worth it. I am doing what I love, the way I want to, and I am on a path to accomplishing my goals and dreams. SO here is to my 100th article for showing me that I have made it and hard work does actually pay off. JSQ and I are going even further. Every post after this will be better and there will be new and more exciting lifestyle adventures! SO keep staying with me and I shall inspire you from day to day!


Thank you to everyone who has inspired along the way to keep going. Whether it was through a like on a photo, a comment, a sweet email, or acknowledging my journey. All of you have played an essential part in me growing and going further with JSQ! I apperciate your support and I am giving the biggest thank you in the world!

Thank you to all my followers on every social media site I have! Thank you for all the likes, comments, and emails. Thank you to every small gesture because they mean the world to me. I apperciate all the support that I have gotten! I can’t wait to continue to inspire you all! Happy 100th article to JSQ! I am so happy you all were a part of it!


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