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Nelson Mandela Quote

Hi everyone! I know I am way behind today with posting! I hope Tuesday is treating you well and you have accomplished a lot today.

Yesterday we celebrated the 100th article published for JSQ! This was such a huge excitement for me that all I could think about today was how I was going to take JanaeSaisQuoi to the next level. There is so much that I want to accomplish with JSQ! It’s like a tree that keeps expanding and blossoming. I want to continue to nurture this tree and watch the beauty of JSQ bloom.

I want to add more variety to JanaeSaisQuoi! My mission with JSQ is to provide a home for inspiration, lifestyle, travel, and positive vibes. When you come across one of my articles by the end of the article I want you to feel empowered to go move mountains. Whether those moments are stepping out your normal style, travelling to the mystical place, starting the project that has been on hold for a while, or simply doing what you love and knowing that Janae has your back.

SO with all this in mind I have set down and brainstormed projects, article ideas, site updates, lifestyle experiences to share with you and so forth. BUT I WANT your opinion! What else should I write about, photograph, include on my Social Media Network? What do you like to read about that will inspire you to move mountains!!!! I am looking forward to hearing your feedback!

For this post I do not have an outfit of the day to include with it! If you want to see what I wore today check out my instagram!!

I hope today treated you well!

Have a good night!


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