Happy Thursday loves. Almost to the weekend!! Are you excited? If this week is dragging I hope this post will put you in good spirits!



Here in Cleveland we have a DIOR exhibit that showcases some of Christian Dior’s works of art! I went to visit Dior and More and needless to say that the exhibit was breathtaking. Each garment was a projection of detail! Meticulously placed gems. Delicate drapery. Staring at the pieces through the glass I envisioned just what type of women would wear each garment. I went around and around, probably over 10 times. Embracing the looks repeatedly. Each time I noticed a little more detail. I was awestruck. What made my head spin was the fact that the dresses looked so perfectly sculptured. I could see celebrities wearing majority of the dresses on the red carpet. While some dresses were a deep back into time. When women embraced the elegant nature of elaborate amounts of fabric. My favorite dress, which was hard to choose, was this light aqua colored gown. The gown was floor length, sleeveless, and the bodice was accented with blue and green gems. I was reminded of a water goddess as the skirt flowed down to floor. I believe that each Dior Masterpiece left room for the imagination. So easy to daydream the adventures that accompanied each dress. The dresses of the Dior and More exhibit were told a story. The story was my favorite part!

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After being magically enchanted by Dior, I headed downtown to Tower City. Tower City is exactly what it sounds like. I very very large building that basically holds q the equivalent of a city in there. Tower City is the home to offices, A Casino, A Mall, A movie theater, and so much more! Back on point, I met the boy for lunch at Tower City. It was a quick bite of some yummy Chinese food. I LOVE Chinese food. I mean I LOVE all food but Chinese is in the top 10. So we ate, talked, and laughed before heading to some different shops.


We went into Bath and Body WorksI actually had no intention in buying more lotion, I’m fully stocked. I can’t help but go into B&BW and smell their new fragrances. I have my dedicated loyal perfumes but sometimes I come across a scent that I have to have. I walked around the store spraying the testers, I’m pretty sure I created a perfume tornado. Engulfing the store in a mixture of flowers, vanillas, and tropical scents was worth it. I have a few scents that I am going to go back and get.


After the sensory overload we headed to a variety of different shops. Then we finally made it to coffee! Well a form of coffee! Some yummy mix of whipped cream, chocolate, and a splash of coffee! As I slowly sipped my mix of coffee, chocolate, and whipped cream I people watched. I do not know why I find people watching so entertaining! I just watched how people interacted with one another. Most people seemed like they were on a mission to get stuff done while I just sat there and laughed with Ethan.



My Tower City Adventure was fun but the best part of this day entirely was being able to accomplish work while having fun. Doing what you love is half the battle but I get to do what I love with a person I love. SO I am grateful for these day adventures because these adventures lead to the memories that I will cherish forever! The boy and I have soooo many more DAY ADVENTURES planned, some he knows about while others I will drag him along on. Whatever the case is I hope that these DAY ADVENTURES inspires you!


I hope you all are having a good day! Hope you enjoyed this post!



3 thoughts on “DIOR AND MORE

  1. LOVE the photos & LOVE the article!

    “Doing what you love is half the battle but I get to do what I love with a person I love. SO I am grateful for these day adventures because these adventures lead to the memories that I will cherish forever!” — Exactly!

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