Hello June


Welcome June Bug! I am so EXCITED to be posting again! With a two month hiatus from JSQ I have the itchy fingers to let you all know some of the exciting projects that we have been working on. This week is a special week for JSQ! We are celebrating our ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY!! Yes I know it is crazy to me to think that I have been blogging for a year. As we approach another milestone there are some new additions to JSQ that will be revealed throughout the month of JUNE. I am so super duper pumped to be back but lets get down to today’s news.


Since I have been blogging for about a year I wanted to share you with some of my blogging moments. These moments will be showcased on Instagram (@janaebryson_), Twitter (@JanaeSaisQuoi), Facebook (Janae Bryson, JanaeSaisQuoi), and Google+ (Janae Bryson).


To start of the #1YROFJSQ moments I wanted to share with you my style evolution beginning. I always say that style is a reflection of your personality. Just as much as your personality and mood changes so does your style. At the foundation of your style is the never changing element. The element that is solely you. I am a creative person that uses art to express myself. My element of style is my love for being classy and causal. The perfect mix of the two is what defines my style. I start each outfit with a classy element, whether it be shoes, a piece of jewelry, or anything in between!


My love for fashion started at kind of a young age, Maybe more of an awkward age. Fashion Magazines was my nightly routine while I dreamed of what I would wear to school the next day. Did you guys ever do that? I mean I still do it. I still lay in my bed envisioning tomorrows outfit. Just now my visions involve a lot more high heels,


I started expressing myself through my style in middle school. We all know that middle school is hard so I had to toss in the well needed experimenting. This is where I learned that I am not to fond of pink. My parents and grandparents felt that pink was a suitable color for an 11 year old. I am all for the shades of blue. My middle school self tried this period of fitting in by wearing sweatpants. My sweatpants phase lasted all of 2 weeks before I decided that it was bulls!*t! I was all about finding my style path. There was so many fashion dont’s I tried in middle school but I wouldn’t take that back! Middle school provided me with the canvas to really see who I was in terms of a person.  I realized how creative I was, how much time I put into picking out my outfit, who I was influenced by, and a sense of self.


How did you evolve your style?




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