A Little Change



Sometimes I find change hard to handle but I always embrace change with open arms. Lately I have had so much change that normality is a saving grace. Although I have experienced a whirlwind of change not all of it was bad, actually majority of it was exactly what I needed. During My two month hiatus from JSQ I moved into my own place, planned a month trip to ATL, transfer to another college, starred in a pilot for a TV talk show, and got a new haircut among other things! I have been on the go go go for a long time but I wouldn’t change any experience.


My favorite experience thus far is probably moving into my own place! I do have a roommate and she is awesome! I love having the freedom to just be and do whenever I like! I have been scouting out my new home and finding my favorite places. I found this cute little coffee shop down the street from my home. It’s a local run business in the nook in between all these business. The inside is the perfect place to get work done. I don’t know I am inspired by some of the littlest things. The change that I am having the hardest adjusting to is my new haircut. You haven’t seen it yet its on my various social media sites. I just am adjusting to the length. My haircut was part of the TV pilot I filmed. Slowly I am getting used to and slowly loving the classiness of it. Short and blunt! And I can’t even wait for my trip to ATL.


With all this talk about change and continuing the pattern I wanted to introduce some change to JSQ. I love posting and inspiring you guys through my personal style but I wanted to add some diversity to JSQ. I have many various interest so throughout the month of JUNE I will be posting more articles that includes skin care, beauty, DIY, fashion, and etc! As my readers is there anything you would like to see more of or less of! Your opinion matters!



Although change can be scary and hard to adjust it also opens many doors to a lot of different opportunities! SO EMBRACE CHANGE!!!! When you look back you will be able to say “Hey I embraced that and it turned out just FINE!”



Remember to let me know what you would like to see more of on the NEW diverse JSQ! Happy Tuesday and Embrace the change!



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