Where It Began


WOW! Today marks the one year birthday of JSQ. I have been blogging officially for a year. This is so exciting!!!! I am writing this post while jumping up and down in my chair! With today being a huge celebration for JSQ I wanted to dip back to where it all began. It all began on a hot May afternoon. I was sitting in my dorm room browsing through my daily dose of fashion blogs. I love just be inspiring by other people’s style. Okay back to the story so I was drifting through Karla’s Closet, Dulce Candy, and Ring My Bell when a spark hit me. More like a question mark. Could I really start a fashion blog?



Well I guess the answer is YES I could actually start a fashion blog. All my friends encouraged me to post my outfits to Instagram, I was hesitant, but look at me doing! When I started JSQ I was really confused on where to start. I had next to zero knowledge about blogging. All I knew is that fashion was my second nature. Displaying my creativity through my personal style is my way inspiring others around me. Keeping that in mind I started to work on JSQ. At first I started with fashion, beauty, and health. I had a rotation of articles and a plan but my plan was the right fit. I changed my site and mission statement next to a million times. Until I finally found the perfect fit of displaying my personal style with motivational articles,



Although I found my perfect niche within fashion blogging I am always looking to improve. So as I said earlier this week, JSQ is getting a little more diversity within my articles. Throughout the month of June I will showcase the different aspects of JSQ. Some of the new aspects will be keepers while others may not make the cut. I want to be able to show the many interest that I have and that JSQ has. SO my lovely supporters I am asking for your help. I will need your feedback to let me know which one of the new JSQ’s categories you like and dislike. What do you want more of or less of!?



With a new chapter of JSQ is starting I wanted to give a warm thank you to all my readers who have taken the time to read my articles, follow my blog, like my articles, photos, and so forth. Thank you to my fellow bloggers for always inspiring me in the many ways that you do! Thank you to my friends for sharing my post and commenting. Thank you to everyone for believing in me and JSQ. I appreciate the support and can’t wait to inspire you throughout the next chapter and beyond!!!



Thank you! Happy Friday! Happy One Year Birthday To JSQ! See you on Monday with something new and exciting!



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