Adventurous, Passionate, and Weird

IMAG3553Happy Tuesday everyone! Anything exciting happening for you today!? Today I saw this quote “I just want to have a completely adventurous, passionate, weird life!” Have you ever thought of what you want in life. In 50 years I want to look back and say my life was adventurous, passionate, and just a little bit strange. I want to say I spent time indulging my passions. I want to travel, work on various amount of creative projects, write articles, make a difference in the community, and so much more. I want my life to be filled with love and I crave to have a life full of adventure. Looking back and being able to tell exotic stories that are unique to me. I crave adventure!!! I fell in love with the quote because it appealed to what I want in life. What do you crave most in life!?







Go out and embrace some adventure!!!



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