Happy Thoughts

IMAG3607Happy Hump Day!!! So today is the last post with my long hair! Then tomorrow I will showcase my short hair on the blog. I have been refraining from taking selfies as much as possible because I don’t want to ruin the surprise factor! Well that and the fact that I am getting used to the haircut still. Drastic change for me still adjusting! Down to the real topic HAPPINESS!

IMAG3625A few days ago I was debating whether or not you can obtain happiness? Is happiness reachable or as humans are we never satisfied? I believe that happiness is reachable. I believe that we are always achieving and wanting more. I also believe that achieving your goals is rewarding and induces happiness. No matter if we are always wanting more. I know when I reach a goal I am so happy and proud of myself! So I set another one and another one. I keep doing what makes me happy. Sometimes I focus on the now other times I focus on the future. Either way I focus on what makes me happy, the positive side of life, and how I can inspire. So I believe happiness is attainable even for those who are never satisfied!










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