Free Your Mind


Free Your Mind, that’s what I was thinking when I got this haircut, I was freeing my mind of every single doubt I had about a new hair change. I always said that summer was the perfect time to try a blunt bob but I never was brave enough to go for it. So when I went to a casting call for a talk show and they told me that a hair makeover was part of the experience I was like YES let’s go for drastic! SO the talk show was such a fun experience! My younger sister and I had interview filming at our house the hair salon and on the set. The show is centered around people’s natural hair journey! Being able to talk about the struggles and the rewards of being all natural. Natural hair is wearing your hair without any chemicals. So not straighteners or dyes. All natural! The Talk show was so AMAZING and I would love to do something like this again. And that brings me to having a free mind. Having a free mind allows you to embrace the experiences out there. I didn’t think I would ever talk about my hair on national TV. Not that I was embarrassed just because I am a private person. Neither did I believe I would go to a casting call. I opened up my mind to something new and I enjoyed it wholeheartedly!







IMAG3992Happy Thursday! And Free Your Mind!



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