Tip of the Day: Leather

Have you ever thought about if you rock leather? I have! With these easy tips you can style this trend like a pro! The biggest tip to remember is that the center of attention is on the leather piece. So keep it simple while adding subtle hints of sass to your look!



 Style Pantry 

{Tip 1: Pick a leather top piece and pair it with simple pieces. This will allow the accent piece to be your top}

Atlantic Pacific


{Tip 2: Make a statement with a killer leather pencil skirt. A boxy skirt at a nice length keeps the sex appeal without overdoing it}

Fake Leather

 Fake Leather

{Tip 3: Leather Sweatpants adds a surprise factor to a laid back look. You can dress up leather sweatpants or keep them casual. Either way you have options}


 Harper and Harley 

{Tip 4: Dress down a fun leather skirt with a casual tee. The skirt shown above has so much movement that it speaks for itself}


 Irene’s Closet 

{Tip 5: Leather is already sexy. Pair a basic tight leather skirt with a pop color and you increase the appeal}

Lovely Pepa

 Lovely Pepa

{Tip 6: Asymmetrical shorts gives the appeal of a mini skirt. Providing any look, both casual and fancy, with a subtle unexpected factor.}


 Peace Love Shea 

{Tip 7: Dressing a pair of leather shorts up is an easy way to pull off leather. Add basic heels and accessories}

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