Tip of the Day: Boyfriend Jeans

Today’s tip involves take pointers from the boys! We borrow our friends clothes here and there here a some tips to beat the boys at their own game!

(Readers Note: BFJs stands for Boyfriend Jeans)


Viva Luxury

 Viva Luxury

{Tip 1: Instantly add a feminine twist to boyfriend jeans by styling in neutral and pastel tones. Dressing up BFJ with a blazer and heels accomplishes a business casual look}

Another Day To Dress Up

 Another Day to Dress Up

{Tip 2: BFJs meet Casual Glam by adding a killer top that is structured and can hold its on }

Fashion Hippie Loves

Fashion Hippie Loves

{Tip 3: To add prep to BFJ pick your boldest blazer, brightest button down, and statement shoes. Remember the blazer is your preppy center piece so pick a good one}

Madame De Rose

 Madame De Rose

{Tip 4: Make the BFJ the statement piece by picking a baggy pair of BFJs. Dress it down with top pieces that are in the same color family as one another and make the shoes POP!}

Sincerely Jules

 Sincerely Jules

{Tip 5: Adding flavor to your BFJs can be done by adding a fun outerwear piece. Jules keep her outfit neutral matching the accessories and let the jacket to take center}

This Chicks Got Style

This Chick Got Style

{Tip 6; Mimic the boy by pairing your BFJs with a crisp white button down. It’s okay to take one from the boys} 


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