The Extra Mile

IMAG4082Happy Monday! Is it weird that I was looking forward to today? No particular reason because nothing special is happening today but I am STOKED for this week! Before I go into my daily motivational prose here are some outfit details. On Friday I posted the Tip of the day which happened to be boyfriends jeans. So I thought I would follow my tips and go for a feminine chic look. I am not going to lie I see a future shopping trip just for boyfriend jeans! I absolutely love the fit, the look, and how COMFORTABLE they are! Yes I just found a wardrobe staple!

I posted a quote on Instagram and Facebook that I was really Inspired by. The quote was “Go the extra mile it’s never crowded!” Achieving the above and beyond is always awarding! I don’t believe in just doing the bare minimal. Anything I do I believe in going for the extra mile. Giving it my all! So going the extra mile is a mindset that instill into my everyday activities. With JSQ, my career, relationships and so much more I put everything into. With each goal I have I set an expectation to achieve and go for the extra mile. Getting to where I want to be in life means that I give my all to the steps leading up to my ultimate accomplishment! Do you agree!? What mindset do you have when it comes to taking steps to achieving your Ultimate goal?












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